About Us

Designed To Perform

Aqua is a brand that understands the busy modern day lives of it’s customers, and focuses on making performance driven mobile phones.

At Aqua, “It’s never about making better technology, but helping people perform better”. Technology is no good if it doesn’t help people do better. No matter what occupation you’re in, you need reliable phone, that helps you perform better.

Our Story

Aqua was introduced with the intention of providing stylish and sturdy mobile phones for the international market. Within the first few months of its inception in 2009, the sales numbers confirmed that the brand is not only accepted, but also welcomed by buyers, especially at certain price points.

This early success gave invaluable insights into the world of Indian consumer, which still remains at the heart of all product development and marketing at Aqua. Over time, with a strengthened belief, the brand has a razor-sharp focus on making performance driven mobile phones that support the ever-busy lives of consumers.

We believe that the best products come out with an outside-in focus. At Aqua, it’s never about just improving the technology underneath, but it's about studying consumer’s lifestyle needs and making intelligent products that make life easy.

The need of the hour is to make mobile phones that are high on performance, style, and sturdiness. That’s what every Aqua mobile is made of.

Aqua in India is being promoted exclusively by Northern Lights Solutions LLP (NLS). NLS is part of a larger conglomerate that is active in the world of technology, with a presence in 7 countries in Asia and Europe.


To become a respectable, important and a leading player in the mobile industry in India.


To provide practical, user friendly and affordable technological solutions to the common man, which can make their lives easire, simpler and happier.


To comply ethical, innovative and transparent business policies for the mutual benefits of the organisation and it’s stakeholders.

Grabbing the best that technology has to offer and coupling it with the innovative ideas of our team, Aqua endavours to empower and enchant you. We strive to make your lives simpler yet exciting. Join us in!